Mississippi State Republican Party leaders and Mississippi State Republican Office holders must fight for District 2 in 2022; voters will hold them accountable for their actions or failure to act.

The primaries are over. Now is the time for the Mississippi GOP and Republican Elected Officials to put all of their efforts into Mississippi District 2 and commit to doing everything in their power to defeat Bennie Thompson and elect Brian Flowers.

Here in Mississippi there is no more significant fight in 2022. District 2 has national significance. All of our other key races will be carried safely by the coming “Republican Wave” and there are no state offices in play for the rest of the year. Mississippian’s are going to ask any candidate who seeks office in 2023 at the state level or 2024 at the national level “What did you do in 2022 for District 2” and “Where were you in ’22?” when we had to a chance to rid District 2 of Bennie Thompson.

Bennie has presided for the last 30 years over the decline of the delta and the destruction of its economy.

Over the last 2 years, soaring gas and fertilizer prices for which he is directly responsible, have further impoverished us. So many people have fled District 2 over the last 10 years that Mississippi had to expand District 2 geographical boundaries. If you are in the Republican party or a Republican office holder the fight for District 2 is now. Mississippian’s will remember what you did or didn’t do in ’22.

I am Col Ghannon Burton retired from the Marine Corps after 30 years of service last December. I was raised in Mississippi and graduated from Mississippi State in 1993 and after a career as an F/A-18 Pilot, TopGun Graduate, Test Pilot, and two time Commander with 5 Combat deployments I have returned home. I have been voting Republican and registered as a Republican for the last 30 years. Our country and our state is struggling because of the corruption in the DC swamp. Right now, more than ever, we need “Republicans who Fight.”

If there is any doubt as to why we must remove Bennie from office in the minds of Mississippian’s then I offer you four facts that should disqualify him.

1) The 100% increase in diesel fuel, 400% increase in fertilizer This is destroying all Mississippi Farmers, especially those in District 2, this inflation is directly attributable to his actions and policies.

2) He is ignoring the 100,000 drug overdose deaths lead by fentanyl (made in China) due in large part to our open boarder. This is double over the previous year.

3) He is running the hyper partisan January 6 Commission, trying to cement a false narrative around the events of January 6. Specifically ask yourself this question- Why isn’t Bennie interested in Ray Epps, a man caught on camera telling folks they need to go into the capitol. Why doesn’t Bennie care about the only man who was calling to go into to the capitol the night before the Trump rally to testify publicly? https://www.revolver.news/2021/10/meet-ray-epps-the-fed-protected-provocateur-who-appears-to-have-led-the-very-first-1-6-attack-on-the-u-s-capitol/

4) Bennie Thompson Backed Extremist, Secessionist Group Seeking Violent U.S. Take Over of the US. https://thenationalpulse.com/2021/11/15/revealed-jan-6-commission-chairman-bennie-thompson-backed-extremist-secessionist-group-seeking-violent-u-s-takeover/

If you are a Republican Party Leader or State or National Office holder then you have a moral obligation to do your utmost to defeat Bennie. Do not be caught saying “It can’t be done.” Mississippi Republicans led the fight to strike down ROE V WADE. If those courageous and outstanding leaders had said “it couldn’t be done” then we would not have been blessed with our divinely inspired victory for life. You lose any struggle which you don’t take up. There is no more important political struggle this year. There is no other race in the country which has the potential to shock the DC swamp or to help us move towards restoring our democratic republic. If we consolidate our efforts, commit our resources, our political and intellectual capital, we can send a message to DC that Mississippi will not go along with the destruction of our State and our Republic.

Mississippi Republican Party Leaders and Office holders, you may be comfortable and feel secure in your position in 2022, but know this: Mississippian’s are not comfortable with the way this country is being run today and if your not willing to fight for us, don’t expect us to fight for you in 2023 or 2024.

Thanks to the Republican Leaders and Office holders who have been working to make Mississippi a great place to come home to. That said, I am deeply concerned for the future of our country and it is clear to me that the elites in both parties have sold our country out to the Globalists and the Chinese Communist Party. Our self appointed “Betters” on the national stage are sowing confusion, division, and chaos in order to better control us. Mississippi Republican leaders must publicly take a stand against the forces that are destroying the country we love. Right now we have the opportunity to make that stand by putting our time and efforts into helping Brian Flowers to victory in District 2.