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Our mission is to inspire and support Mississippi civic organizations committed to serving their communities. Specifically, we seek to promote the Constitutional ideology and hold federal representatives accountable for ensuring the US Government serves and protects its citizens’ God-given rights.

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About us

Mississippi for America First (MFAF) is a nonprofit organization formed by and for Mississippians to rally together to improve our state. Ghannon Burton, Colonel, Ret., USMC is leading the charge to hold our public servants accountable to their promises, and to find charitable ways to promote good works within our great state.

About us

I am Col Ghannon Burton, retired from the Marine Corps after 30 years of service last December.  I was raised in Mississippi and graduated from Mississippi State in 1993 and after an adventurous successful career as an F/A-18 Pilot, TopGun Graduate, Test Pilot, and two time Commander with 5 Combat deployments I have returned home.
Now, I am retired and grateful to be home in Mississippi.  Thanks to everyone who has been working to make Mississippi a great place to come home to.  That said, I am deeply concerned for future of our country and it is clear to me that the elites in both parties have sold our country out to the Globalists and the Chinese Communist Party.  Our self appointed “Betters” are sowing confusion, division, and chaos in order to better control us.  This has got to stop or we will not survive as a free democratic republic.  

Upcoming Events

  • Calhoun Chickasaw County Republicans | May 25
  • Fulton VFW | May 28
  • Aerial Firefighting w/CO Fire | June 1 - Oct 3
  • North MS Law Enforcement Appreciation | Oct 12
  • First District Congressional Mtg | Oct 16
  • Ridgeland Hospital | Oct 20
  • Mooreville HS Vet Day Program | Nov 9
  • Oktibbeha/Clay Cty Rep Women | Nov 20

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1) Cover our travel expenses associated with our community outreach
2) Allow us to provide modest donations to local organizations and support their charitable work as well as their activities as we spread our message.
3) Cover administrative costs associated with our organization
4) Cover set up and maintenance fees associated with our electronic outreach activities.

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