Mississippi For America First Intro Video

I am Col Ghannon Burton, retired from the Marine Corps after 30 years of service last December.  I was raised in Mississippi and graduated from Mississippi State in 1993 and after an adventurous successful career as an F/A-18 Pilot, TopGun Graduate, Test Pilot, and two time Commander with 5 Combat deployments I have returned home.

I finished my career at the Pentagon and retired in part due to the vaccine mandates, the “wokeness” that I saw politicizing our service members, as well as an election that was clearly stolen.  Further, it was clear to me that there was lack of critical thinking and willingness of my most senior leaders to go along with plans and policies that put service members unnecessarily at risk.  I believe our botched pull out from Afghanistan was due in large part because our most senior military leadership has lost the ability to think critically.  Our military has promoted compliant senior leaders who are unwilling to take a  stand against orders which are unwise and unnecessary and go along with civilian policies which are divisive and destroy unit cohesion in the name of Diversity Equity and Inclusion.

Now, I am retired and grateful to be home in Mississippi.  Thanks to everyone who has been working to make Mississippi a great place to come home to.  That said, I am deeply concerned for the future of our country and it is clear to me that the elites in both parties have sold our country out to the Globalists and the Chines Communist Party.  Our self appointed “Betters” are sowing confusion, division, and chaos in order to better control us.  This has got to stop or we will not survive as a free democratic republic.

We must hold our elected leaders accountable and they must hold our government accountable to SERVE, not rule our fellow citizens.

We must insist that our elected leaders work to restore our military service to a color blind meritocracy where service members are judged on their performance, character, and potential for future service.  Our military must evaluate its senior leaders on results, not on their political reliability.

We must insist that our elected leaders work to decouple our economy from China, push back against the Globalists, restore our domestic energy production and re-establish domestic manufacturing capacity and supply chains.

We must insist that our elected leaders work to bring school choice to our state and empower parents active participation in the education of their children.

We currently live in a country with a two tier justice system where patriots are persecuted while ANTIFA terrorist are left to loot and burn.  Our elected leaders must hold the Department of Justice accountable to the Nation’s founding standard of our constitution “ Equal Justice Under the Law.

We cannot let the country that we love, for which so many have sacrificed all, be destroyed by foreign influences and debilitating internal corruption.  We must insist that OUR elected leader fight against those forces and work to restore our free democratic republic.

Col Ghannon Burton USMC (Retired)

Owner, Burton Family Farm

President, Mississippi for America First